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A Breathtaking View of Himalayan & Karakoram Mountain Ranges Where Shilajit is Found.

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My name is Mairo Kahn and I was born and brought up in this amazing valley in one of the Himalayan Mountain regions.

You may not be aware of how life is like in a mountainous village above 9000 ft.  We had no cars (saved from pollution), had no processed milk such as 1%, 2%, 10%  (got fresh milk from our own cows), no gas stoves (had to walk up to the hills to get firewood), no sugar and no chocolates (we ate mostly dried fruits instead), glacial water and all other natural and organic food contributed to being physically strong inhabitants.

My first encounter with Shilajit happened when I was perhaps about 8 years or so during my routine everyday visit to my cousin’s house.  My late uncle named Akbar was a shepherd in our village. One day, I saw him stirring a black, tar-like substance in a huge pot.  The smell was not that great, to be honest.  I was curious and asked him what it was?  He told me, it was Shilajit and that he brings this up from the mountains when he takes his herds for grazing.  He gave me a little to eat.  And told me “Son, consume this and you will always stay young and strong”.

Mairo Kahn

I am not sure, if this was Shilajit or was it the combination of my upbringing in a natural environment in that mountain village – my health and physical strength is of a mid 30s person despite being in my early 50s.

I live in North America and have experienced both worlds.  One is fast-paced and stressful (at times to say the least) results in health issues and the other world is laid back where the time passes like a low battery clock.

Shilajit – might be new to the modern world but it has been around since ancients times particularly in these far-flung areas of the world’s known mountain regions.

Raw Shilajit
Shilajit in Raw Form Before Purification

I am very passionate about this amazing substance and with first-hand knowledge and experience, I bring you helpful information, news, and research on this website.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or questions?  Please keep in touch.

With best wishes for your good health!

Mairo Kahn